About Us

Since the COVID-19 virus pandemic broke loose, the world has been upside down. All of a sudden the public health was endangered and a lot of people and sectors were affected by this, physically, mentally or financially. Our thoughts are with all COVID-19 victims.

The event industry is one of the sectors that is being hit the hardest. It has already been announced that big public events won't be allowed until after everything else has turned back to normal. Maybe even after a vaccin has been discovered, which can take years. 

For us, this means no events and no income for a long time. Times are very uncertain for us and all of our colleagues in the event industry. So we would be grateful if all of you would show us your support by buying one of our mouth masks to get us through the Corona crisis. 

We love all of you who have been showing loyal support over the past years and have been visiting our shows regularly. We sincerely hope to see you again on the dance floor soon. 

Stay healthy.

❤️ Give Soul